BB Extra: Fasting

What is it: Saying no to a physical appetite to say yes to a spiritual hunger.

Why: To soften our hearts toward God. To say no to self-centeredness.

Is It Extreme- People fast for a lot of different reasons. It only seems extreme when Christians do it.

What it is Not-

  • A diet
  • A bargaining chip
  • Not extra credit.

What it is-

  • Discipline Your appetites
  • Making your heart sensitive to the voice of God

Types of fasts-

  • 12 hour fasts
  • Daniel Fast
  • Full fast
  • Media Fast

How to get started-

  • Always talk to your doctor.
  • Get your motives right.
  • Get accountability
  • Start with a meal for 4 weeks, Then two meals for four weeks, then a whole day for four weeks.

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